Kimberly Sutton

Kimberly Sutton

District Manager
Carrollwood , FL

This July Kimberly Sutton will be celebrating 29 years with the Agency.  She began her career as a Title 2 Claims Representative in the Decatur/Tucker, GA field office.  In 1994, she transferred to the Port St. Lucie, FL field office. As a Claims Representative in Port St. Lucie, she received a Regional Commissioner’s Citation. There, in 2001, she was promoted in the original class of Technical Experts.

Later in 2001, Kimberly was promoted into a management position as the Management Support Specialist for the Tampa Immediate Claims Taking Unit.  She was part of the management team that started the Tampa ICTU.  While part of the Tampa ICTU, her team received a Regional Commissioner’s Citation.

In 2004, Kimberly was selected as the Operations Supervisor for the Title 2 unit of the Carrollwood Florida field office.  She served in that capacity until 2007 when she was promoted to the Assistant District Manager position in Carrollwood.  Her work as the ADM earned her a Commissioner’s Citation in 2010.  In 2012, Kimberly was promoted to District Manager of the Carrollwood District Office. 

Kimberly has served as a mentor for OEP participants, newly promoted mangers and ARLDP participants in the Atlanta Region. She has facilitated several workgroups in the South Florida Area and served on promotion panels for the region.